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NO PRINT Summer Multiple Meaning Words Activities in Context

An educational teaching resource from Intrepid Speech Therapy Materials entitled NO PRINT Summer Multiple Meaning Words Activities in Context downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

"NO PRINT Summer Multiple Meaning Words Activities in Context"

A versatile and eco-conscious teaching resource purposefully crafted for educators seeking to boost vocabulary knowledge and comprehension among students. This interactive tool has been created for smooth use across diverse teaching environments including public schools or homeschooling.

The activities are centered on multiple-meaning words set within a charming summer-themed context. Thanks to the carefully integrated visual representations of assorted definitions of each word, learners can appreciate differing contexts thereby enhancing their understanding.

Educational Levels

  • Level 1: Aimed at Pre-K through 1st graders
  • Level 2: Ideal for grades 1-3, subject to student's comfort level with such activities and their grasp of vocabulary nuances.
The NO PRINT Factor:

This resource can be leveraged on an iPad or other digital devices making it adaptable for both online learning as well as traditional classrooms. This feature aids in saving paper and ink, besides reducing planning time considerably.

In this educational product, students encounter exercises where definitions are explained using visually depicted examples which subsequently urge them to contemplate a second possible meaning - unveiled on the following page supported by another illustrative depiction!

A Learning Variety Beyond Vocabulary Alone!

In addition to lexical enhancement, these exercises also diversify learning by introducing sentence completion tasks where learners have to apply the correct definition of an underlined multiple-meaning word.


This user-friendly product includes intuitive navigation elements like a 'home' button leading back to the main navigation page plus seamless movement across different stimuli thanks to arrows guiding through pages.

Comprehensive and flexible learning experience!

The course offers:
  • Ten LEVEL 1 words
  • Ten LEVEL 2 words
  • Twenty sentences for completion: incorporating both LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2
  • This product is comprehensive, stimulating, and challenging - catering to individual student abilities. Highly conducive for use in different educational settings: whole group classrooms, small groups or even as homework assignments.


    While originally designed keeping resources like speech therapy in mind, this rich content is perfectly applicable across numerous grade levels from Preschool straight through to Grade 5 making it a valuable extension for any teaching repertoire.

What's Included

This pack contains the following:

Multiple Meaning DEFINITIONS: 10 LEVEL 1 word, 10 LEVEL 2 words

Multiple Meaning DIFFERENTIATION: 20 sentences for LEVEL 1, 20 sentences for LEVEL 2

Resource Tags

interactive vocabulary multiple-meaning words context visual aids

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