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Northern Lights Comic-Style Report (Aurora Borealis)

Northern Lights Comic-Style Report (Aurora Borealis)
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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Northern Lights Comic-Style Report (Aurora Borealis)

Overview: An all-inclusive teaching resource designed for educators willing to spruce up their science lessons and nurture a passion for learning in students.

  • Combines elements of art, English language arts, grammar, reading, research, and writing into engaging comic-style report tasks.
  • It is highly versatile - easily integrates into any existing northern lights unit study or serves as a standalone activity

Target Audience:

Aimed primarily at second to fourth graders in public schools or homeschool setups. This unique instructional tool promotes hands-on learning approach while fostering critical thinking skills.


  • Interactive Graphic Organizers: Helps students take structured research notes on the southern lights (aurora australis).
  • Report Rubrics: Provided for both teachers and students that ensure clarity of expectations while grading completed work.
  • Variety of Comic Elements: Including three appealing comic covers alongside twelve distinct comic page layouts, elementary comic elements like speech bubbles add an extra touch of intrigue to the process!

This innovative educational tool enhances Language Arts lessons by creating an exciting environment wherein children learn about these fascinating light occurrences leading ultimately to diverse conversations among active learners! Suitable for different educational settings such as whole group instruction sessions til independent-study sessions depending on you teaching strategy preferences. Comes conveniently in PDF format which can be easily adapted digitally or printed out.

In essence—this unique blend of fun and facts transforms young minds into thinkers appreciative about our dynamic Earth!

What's Included


Report rubric (teacher and student copies)

Graphic organizers for taking research notes

Comic covers (3 options)

Comic pages (12 layouts, 3 styles each)

Comic elements (speech bubbles, people, the poles, and more)

Resource Tags

Northern Lights Comic-style report Aurora Borealis Science lessons Hands-on learning

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