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Number Bonds 16-20 Bingo - Boards 11-15

Number Bonds 16-20 Bingo - Boards 11-15
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About This Product

Need a fun, engaging activity for practicing number bonds to 20 with your kiddos? This math bingo game is perfect for getting your students focused on number bonds for numbers 16-20!


Print and laminate enough Bingo Boards for each student to have one

Optional: print, cut and laminate the Playing Squares

Print, cut and laminate the Calling Cards.

Lamination is optional, but recommended, as it will ensure that the game remains in good condition and can be used for many years to come!

To avoid excessive printing and laminating, the Playing Squares could be replaced with other manipulatives such as buttons or counters. Alternatively, students could mark squares off on their Bingo Boards with dry erase markers and then simply clean the boards again after playing (provided that you have laminated the boards)

How to Play:

Each student needs a Bingo Board and at least 7 Playing Squares (or other manipulatives or a dry erase marker)

Shuffle the Calling Cards and place them in a pile.

Draw a Calling Card and call out and/or display the contents of the card.

Each student looks on their Bingo Board for a block that matches the Calling Card. If they find one, they cover that block with a Playing Square.

Draw a new Calling Card and repeat the process.

The game continues until somebody wins.

To win, a student must shout out “BINGO!” when they have covered three blocks in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally).

If the Calling Cards run out before anybody wins, simply shuffle them again and continue playing.

Please note:

Sometimes there may be more than one block on the Bingo Board that matches the Calling Card. The student may only cover one block on a turn. Once that turn is over, the Playing Square may not be moved to cover a different block.

This resource includes 5 different bingo board, in colour as well as black and white. If you would like more bingo boards to use for your class, you can find them in here

I also have other number bonds bingo games available - CLICK HERE to check them out!

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Your kiddos will love practicing common fractions with this fun bingo game!

What's Included

- Teacher information

- 5 printable Bingo Boards in colour

- 5 printable Bingo Boards in black and white

- Printable Calling Cards and Playing Squares in colour

- Printable Calling Cards and Playing Squares in black and white

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