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Number Recognition Math Poster in Boho Rainbow Theme - 100% Editable

Number Recognition Math Poster in Boho Rainbow Theme - 100% Editable
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About This Product


The Number Recognition Math Poster in Boho Rainbow Theme is a visually pleasing and informative learning tool bound to engage young learners both at home and within the classroom setting. This product intends to enhance students' understanding of colors through the use of boho themed rainbows, which could serve as an attractive addition to any early learning environment.

Usage & Benefits

  • The posters work well as vital decor for Primary and Elementary classrooms, offering an enjoyable ambiance while simultaneously providing a useful learning resource.
  • For homeschooling parents, this resource offers a versatile teaching aid designed to boost color recognition skills in a fun and engaging manner.
  • These products aren't restricted solely for large scale display usage. Through printing them as smaller flashcards, educators can utilize them effectively within small group activities or during circle time discussions.

Editability & Versatility

The main highlight of this product is its 100% editable nature - allowing educators ultimate freedom in personalizing the content according to their teaching requirements or student's preferences. The poster colors can be adjusted along with the text by using Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote based upon individual class need or specific lessons structure.

Versions Provided:

  1. An editable ppt format file that consists of 30 pages (11.5 x 8.5) each;
  2. A ready-to-print PDF format that also contains 30 pages sized similarly for teacher's convenience.

    Bonus Bundles:

    To provide maximum value for our respected users – three bundle discounts are made available which include multiple unique educational resources associated with various themes like Candy Land, Robots, Safari etc., fitting seamlessly into different classroom aesthetics while enhancing overall students' experience in the process.

    Ethical Usage:

    This product ensures appropriate utilization under one license per classroom preventing any copyright issues ensuring ethical use across all platforms making it suitable even more for professional settings like Educational Institutions besides Homeschoolers.


    Simplified yet packed full with interactive potential - this Number Recognition Math Poster sets itself apart by combining aesthetics just right alongside highly purposeful educational content. That's why this resource stands as an incredible choice for facilitating young learners transition from rote memorization of concepts to application-based learning both in early academic and homeschooling environments.

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