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NUMBER SENSE POSTERS ACTIVITY MATS: number 6 trace dot paint count

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About This Product

NUMBER SENSE POSTERS AND ACTIVITY MATS: number ‘6’ trace | dot | paint | count .

Engage young learners with this comprehensive 42 - page PDF . It focuses on enhancing number sense in preschool, kindergarten and grade one pupils through an exposure to the numerical symbol '6' . The resource provides a thorough understanding of the numeral '6' visually represented in various forms such as :

  • An object quantity .

  • Depicted in dots, dice or dominos .

  • Finger counting images .

The resource is designed to be used creatively and flexibly - adapted for large scale classroom teaching or small group instruction settings . Moreover, it serves as excellent homework material that reinforces class lessons at home. It is perfect both for public school teachers integrating math into their classrooms and homeschoolers seeking self-contained math resources .

Making learning interactive by providing varied modes of representation like black & white images alongside colored visuals which cater to diverse learning styles among students . Children can engage with tracing exercises which focus on writing the number '6' through tasks like :

  • Joining dots .

  • Making continuous lines .

Teachers can further amplify hands- on engagement during teaching sessions by incorporating real tools into their process such as :

  • Markers and crayons .

  • Playdough .

  • BoldfaceStickers .

  • Cut and paste materials .

Where laminating these activity mats may turn them into reusable materials that help teachers save time on printing while contributing towards environment- friendly practices . For educators running hybrid classrooms under restricted conditions due to Covid- 19, there is an option to use screen display mode instead of printing hard copies .

Overall, this product offers kids ample opportunities to understand the concept of '6' using multiple techniques thereby dramatically augmenting their early maths learning progress .

42 - page PDF .

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