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Number Talks: All about numbers 1-20

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About This Product

Number Talks: All about numbers 1-20

To make learning enjoyable and effective for students as they delve into understanding numerical concepts, this resource has been designed. It emphasizes enabling students, whether in preschool, kindergarten or even grades one and two, to get a firm grasp of numbers.

At the heart of this resource are activities that engage young minds in a fun yet challenging way:

  • Pick a number between 1 to 20
  • Practice dotting it and writing it down
  • Tally marks for each number for visual representation
The next steps challenge learners further:
  • Drawing pictures symbolizing quantities of given numbers
  • Coloring corresponding squares related to the chosen digit
Moving on an analytical perspective includes:
  • Circling these numbers on a number line - helping develop an intuitive sense of sequence and spacing within numerical range.

      • More mature exercises include:
        - Linking abstract symbols (numbers) with concrete representations via ten frames.
      Briefing below:
      Matching each given number with its counterpart in the format of either 10 or 20 ten-frames grid. Writing such matches down themselves.
    Filling out these ten-frames but also compute computations by numerically labeled dots & summing them together introducing addition concept!

    In conclusion

    The essential learning outcomes produced from utilizing this resource include improved numerical literacy skills; pattern recognition abilities; basic computational competency while fostering creativity & problem-solving approach.

    Included are worksheets that span across 52 pages available in PDF file format which can serve various educational settings. These settings range from:

    1. Whole group lessons
    2. Small unit exercises
    3. Take-home assignments
    4. Spare moments at school/home refreshers tasks

    This ensures versatility throughout the mathematical journey starting from the very foundation: Numbers!

What's Included

A total of 52 pages.

Resource Tags

number recognition quantity representation number line ten frames addition

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