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numbers 1-9 POSTER CARDS | symbol-picture quantity representation C

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About This Product

Numbers 1-9 Poster Cards: Symbol-Picture Quantity Representation C

This teaching resource has been carefully designed to visually represent number quantities from 1 to 9 for early learning students. Featuring stunning, colorful images and stylized numbers, these resources are perfectly suited for pupils from preschool up until Grade 1.

Product Features:

  • A total of ninety A4 poster cards.

  • Vibrantly colored numbers with esthetic black and white illustrations representing each number's quantity (For instance, "1" represented by one ball).

These well-designed educational cards offer multiple learning benefits:

  1. Fine motor skills development through tracing the symbols embedded within each numeral.

  2. Quantity recognition enhancement by counting symbols associated with each number.

  3. Sprucing creativity by offering coloring or painting possibilities.

  4. (NEW): Ability to stick on magnetic surfaces making them versatile for both in-class usage and homework assignments!

The package includes ten different sets such as '1 Ball', '2 Banana', '3 Chair'... up till '10 Sun'. This comprehensive tool comes in a single PDF file packed with everything needed to boost numeric competence among young learners!

In conclusion, whether you wish to make your classroom sessions dynamic using these vibrant cards or assign individual study tasks - this aid is sure to bring about significant improvements in understanding early mathematical concepts.

100-page PDF

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