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Number Words 1-10 Activity Pack

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

This is a Number Word 1–10 Activity Pack.

Jump into the realm of learning to read and write number words from one to ten. Students will engage in activities such as:

•       practicing writing number words

•       reading number words

•       matching number words to their corresponding numbers

•       ordering numbers in word format


Mastering number words can sometimes be challenging. However, this resource offers a repetitive and enjoyable approach for students.


Utilize this resource for:

•       math centers

•       homework tasks

•       paired learning

•       projector-based activities

•       pre-assessment practice

•       assessment


The worksheet in this resource can be printed out to use with clear, dry eraser pockets.

Although this practice resource is intended for kindergarten, it can also easily be adapted for pre-K and first grade.


Please check out my other math resources for one through ten, skip counting, and more! The resources listed below are for pre-K through first grade.


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This is an eight-page PDF with a video preview and an answer sheet for students to check their work.

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