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Numbers and Sets Printable Workbook

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled Numbers and Sets Printable Workbook downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Numbers and Sets Printable Workbook

The Numbers and Sets Printable Workbook is an indispensable tool designed for teaching essential concepts related to numbers and sets. This workbook, tailored by expert educators, applies top-tier teaching methodologies. It meets specific grade-level standards making it a valuable addition to any curriculum.

Fundamental Principles

This resource focuses on important principles like:

  • Counting
  • Tracing
  • Writing numbers from 1-20
  • Following directions
  • Coloring by number exercises
    • Learners can also complete dot-to-dot puzzles in numerical order.

This interactive learning environment promotes eagerness towards the comprehension of mathematical concepts.

Diverse Lesson Varieties & Digital Access

The workbook consists of a wide range of worksheets covering various relevant subjects within Mathematics, specifically focusing on Numbers for a comprehensive learning experience. The digital format offers flexibility for both teachers and parents; print this useful material as often as necessary until students master their numeric capabilities thoroughly.

Versatile Usage & Compatibility

This text is often used as the main educational resource during school hours for full classes or split classes depending on each student's needs. The printable feature makes this tool popular amongst home-schoolers who may assign certain parts of the workbook for home lessons or enriching homework tasks. Then there's its PDF format which ensures versatility allowing compatibility with all digital devices facilitating easy usability whether you're a remote teacher or an educator in a physical classroom due to emerging global educational scenarios.


The Numbers and Sets Printable Workbook proves to be an effective learning resource, applicable beyond traditional classroom practices. It plays a crucial role in building a sturdy mathematical foundation particularly for early learners, greatly enhancing their academic performance.

What's Included

A 29-page printable packet with activities for numbers and sets

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Numbers Sets Mathematics Worksheets Counting

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