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o-e Phonic Worksheets for Early Years/Intervention

An educational teaching resource from Lilibette's Resources entitled o-e Phonic Worksheets for Early Years/Intervention downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

o-e Phonics Worksheets for Early Learners This 12-page pack teaches the o-e phonics pattern to beginning and struggling readers. Specially designed for special needs, the simple worksheets align with major phonics programs. The 3-step "See It, Sound It, Write It" system builds phonemic awareness. First, students recognize the new sound in familiar words. Next, they sound out o-e words and spelling patterns. Sound boxes, word families, reading passages, dictation, and a game cement understanding. Flashcards and answer keys are included. Use the scaffolded activities whole group or one-on-one. The structured format suits visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles. Check the shop for companion packs on other phonics patterns, including a growing bundle. These multi-sensory worksheets instill reading confidence in children with processing issues.

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