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i-e Phonic Worksheets for Special Needs

An educational teaching resource from Lilibette's Resources entitled i-e Phonic Worksheets for Special Needs downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Teach i-e Words with Phonics Worksheets for Special Needs Specifically designed for struggling readers and those with special needs like dyslexia, this pack helps teach the i-e phonic pattern. The 12 worksheets use a structured 3-step approach to build confidence with the i-e sound: See it, Sound it out, and Write it. Each activity focuses on one element so students can master one skill before moving to the next. The sheets move from simple word recognition to fluent reading and writing. Two leveled reading passages, a dictation exercise, flashcards, and answer keys provide differentiated practice. Suitable for small groups or one-on-one instruction, these UK-aligned worksheets help students with processing disorders gain phonics skills. Teachers can use the sheets to supplement popular programs like RWI and Letters and Sounds. The multisensory activities develop competent, independent readers.

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