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Oceans of Fun PE Game - Crab Traps + Lobster Pots

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About This Product

Oceans of Fun PE Game - Crab Traps + Lobster Pots

This is an invigorating and fast-paced throwing game designed to excite elementary and middle school learners. The game is a modern spin on BucketBall, allowing students to boost their athletic prowess while engaging in keen competition.

Versatile Educational Resource

  • Student-friendly visual aids, detailed graphics, clear instructions
  • Ordered materials for ease of use aiding seamless implementation process
  • Possible modification according to skill levels or specific gym dimensions.
High MVPA Offering
This resource fosters all-encompassing cardiovascular fitness development for learners. The creative drills are versatile enough to be integrated into any typical PE session or complement existing units. Alternatively, they could be utilized during recess times.

Skill Improvement:

Catching, throwing, kicking – agility and accuracy tests along with improvements in running speed make this lesson plan inclusive. Additionally it helps build teamwork among players.

Use Beyond Regular Physical Education Instruction Periods:
    Variations of the game prove as effective during special school events such as Field Days or rewarding seasonal festivities. The product comes with text boxes featuring relevant headings that align with unique Physical Education planning procedures. Everything comes ready-to-go!
Oceans of Fun PE Game - Crab Traps + Lobster Pots is an energetic resource that elevates traditional bucket ball games into memorable experiences that nurture essential PE skills year after year in your school setting. In conclusion: Remarkably versatile yet straightforward enough for easy adaptation across various levels makes this product a valuable addition to the teaching resources arsenal of public school educators and homeschoolers alike.

What's Included

1 PDF with 3 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

ocean-themed throwing game physical education skill-building elementary and middle school

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