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On Earth Interactive Read-Aloud Book Companion Activities

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Grade 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

🌎 On Earth, Picture Book Companion: Complete Supplemental Resource
This picture book companion is a comprehensive supplemental resource specifically designed to support educators and their students when reading "On Earth" by Brian G. Karas. With 24 conveniently printable reading activities to choose from, this resource allows for personalized learning based on individual student needs and academic abilities.

📝Engaging and Customizable Activities
Students will actively engage with the text through a variety of activities that promote critical thinking and comprehension skills. They will develop their listening and note-taking skills, investigate the formation and impact of volcanoes on Earth, make inferences and connections, learn and apply new vocabulary, and effectively utilize text and graphic features to gather information. These activities encourage students to think beyond the text and provide evidence to support their thinking, fostering higher-level thinking skills and the expression of their own thoughts and perspectives.

⌚Time-saving and High-level Resource
Say goodbye to the endless search for high-level resources to support the teaching of challenging reading concepts. This resource provides a range of engaging and fun activities that address common areas of difficulty for students. You'll save valuable time that can be better spent on instruction, knowing that you have comprehensive and effective resources at your fingertips.


  • Making Predictions: Encourage students to make predictions before reading the book.

  • KWL Graphic Organizer: Help students activate prior knowledge and establish learning goals.

  • On Earth Student Notes Booklet: Foster active reading and note-taking with a dedicated student booklet (Answer Key Included).

  • Rotation or Revolution: Assess student understanding of Earth's movements (Answer Key Included).

  • Word Scramble: Challenge students to unscramble words from the book (Answer Key Included).

  • Fact or Fiction: Determine if details from the story are factual or made-up (Answer Key Included).

  • Who Am I?: Match words to their descriptions and create visual representations (Answer Key Included).

  • True or False (Bubble answers ONLY): Assess comprehension with true or false statements (Answer Key Included).

  • True or False (Bubble answers & correct the false statement): Encourage critical thinking and comprehension skills (Answer Key Included).

  • Label Earth's Seasons: Engage students in seasonal learning using a diagram of Earth's tilt (Answer Key Included).

  • 3-2-1: Encourage students to think critically and reflect on Earth's movements.

  • Compare & Contrast: Analyze the differences and similarities between Earth's rotation and revolution.

  • Thinking About the Text: Assess comprehension with questions and text-based evidence.

  • Thinking Beyond the Text: Encourage critical thinking and application of concepts.

  • ABCs of Earth's Movements: Reinforce learning through an alphabetical exploration of Earth's movements.

  • Crossword Puzzle: Test vocabulary knowledge with a crossword puzzle (Answer Key Included).

  • Word Search Puzzle: Engage students with a word search activity (Answer Key Included).

  • Acrostic Poem: Encourage creative expression through an acrostic poem about Earth's movements.

  • Earth Poster: Foster creativity and research skills with an informative poster about Earth's movements.

  • Fun Facts About Earth's Movements: Inspire curiosity and record interesting information.

  • New Vocabulary: Expand vocabulary through word identification, meaning, and visual representation.

  • Book Review: Encourage reflection and critical evaluation of the book.

  • All About Earth's Movements Brochure: Guide students in researching and learning more about Earth's movements.

This resource is tailored to support educators in providing engaging and effective instruction centered around the concepts explored in "On Earth" by Brian G. Karas. Give your students a well-rounded learning experience that promotes critical thinking, comprehension, and application of knowledge.

This resource is for extension read-aloud activities only. The book is not included.

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