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Opinion Writing Unit - Analyze Two Accounts of the Same Topic

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Grade 4, 5





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About This Product

Opinion Writing Unit - Analyze Two Accounts of the Same Topic

The "Opinion Writing Unit - Analyze Two Accounts of the Same Topic" provides an instructional tool for grades 4-5, aiming at instilling critical thinking abilities. It focuses on argument creation from evidence. This resource is aligned with Smarter Balanced Assessments standards and various state testing, making it an adaptable part for Language Arts curriculum.

Resource Composition:

This unit contains Digital and Print elements spanning across 22 pages to suit varied teaching environments. The core content:

  • Two text accounts presenting contrasting views on school cell phone policies.
  • Rigorous response questions for each essay.
  • Note-taking sheet to outline pro's and con's from both articles.
  • Scaffolding in three levels leading learners to a well-rounded opinion essay.
Furthermore, there is an answer key added for easy instruction facilitation or grading post activities.

Inclusive Approach:

The product doesn't have utility limited only to students but also proves valuable for educators! Provisions are included anticipating mainstream teaching modes even with distance or remote learning settings:

  • Digital options along with printable resources ensure adaptability inplace .
  • Adequate compatibility exists with applications like Google Slides (also exportable as PowerPoint) expanding utility across platforms.
Regardless of current pedagogy that may be classroom-based traditional style, virtual schooling or a combination thereof; this resource ably balances structure with adaptability lending scope towards specific customization according to specific academic requirements. To conclude, this unit package holds ample potentials to be a worthy addition to your teaching arsenal.

What's Included

1 PDF file with 22 pages.

Resource Tags

Opinion writing Critical thinking Analytical skills Arguments Smarter Balanced Assessments

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