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Orca Whale Adapted Book Slide Deck for Special Ed

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Orca Whale Adapted Book Slide Deck for Special Ed

The Orca Whale Adapted Book Slide Deck for Special Ed is a brilliantly crafted, educational resource designed to enhance the efficacy of your science lessons, particularly for those interested in marine life. With this tool at your disposal, teaching about orca whales becomes an entertaining and interactive experience.

Diverse Learning Resource

This 8-slide adapted book covers various aspects of knowledge on orcas in a style that makes it suitable for learners from Pre-K to grade 1. More specifically, children partaking in special education programs will find it immensely beneficial. The deck is highly informative and ensures that students are engaged while they simultaneously expand their understanding and vocabulary related to orcas.

  • Critical Thinking Development: One commendable attribute of the slide deck is its focus on developing reading comprehension skills. It weaves in WH- questions (who, what, where), thereby leading young minds not just towards accumulating facts but thinking critically about what they've read - which undeniably has a positive impact on their cognitive development.
  • Versatility:The Orca Whale Adapted Book Slide Deck can be implemented flexibly within classrooms or homeschooling settings depending upon student needs and teacher objectives. It can serve as an interactive whole-group activity where students collectively contribute responses; alternatively, it could be used as an individually assigned homework project aimed at reinforcing learned material.
  • No Preparation Required: Despite the resource's comprehensive content and multimedia articulacy- it holds a merit badge for being 'NO PREP'. It gravely caters to teachers' convenience by requiring no preparation beforehand - hence effectively saving time while ensuring lesson effectiveness.

Last but not least, the slides use Google Slides as their interface for activities - so familiarity with this digital platform among users would be beneficial.

In conclusion: providing valuable information encapsulated via an engaging medium- the Orca Whale Adapted Book Slide Deck should undoubtedly render support towards making science classes more interesting & impactful!

What's Included

Google Slide for the activities.

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