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Pablo Neruda & 'Here I Love You': Poetry Activities for Theme

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

Here is a super cool and flexible tool for you: a comprehensive guide that'll help your students dive into the mesmerizing world of poetry analysis, focusing on the beautiful poem "Here I Love You" by Pablo Neruda. Your class will get to explore themes, annotate text, and even create their own poems! It's an engaging mix of literary detective work, academic writing, and a dash of creative fun.

You can slice and dice this resource however you like. Use individual parts for quick exercises, bell ringers, or short writing tasks. If you need a handy plan for a substitute teacher, we've got you covered. Or you could whip up a full 1-2 week lesson plan centered around the theme in poetry, using all the activities we've included.

Let's walk you through using this resource, it's as easy as pie! Kick things off with the poem analysis activity, a great way to start your day. Next up, students get stuck into the guided annotation exercise and tackle the analysis question (don't worry, we've included an answer key!). Afterwards, they'll get their creative juices flowing and write their own poem. To finish up, they'll demonstrate their understanding of the poem's themes and concepts in a literary analysis essay. We've even thrown in a prompt, some handy writing tips, a peer review checklist, and a rubric that aligns with Common Core standards!

Here's what you'll find in your TeachSimple download:

  1. POEM ANALYSIS ACTIVITY: Let your students dive into Neruda's "Here I Love You" (we've included the text!) and analyze it with an annotation activity and corresponding questions. A perfect bell ringer!

  2. CREATIVE WRITING ASSIGNMENT: Give your students a chance to deepen their understanding of theme with a fun poetry-writing task that matches a Common Core Writing Standard. Perfect for those sub plans!

  3. LITERARY ANALYSIS ESSAY: This essay task builds on the theme and poem they've been studying. You'll find guidelines, a prompt, writing tips, and a peer review checklist. The accompanying rubric aligns with four Common Core ELA Standards and includes a link to an editable rubric that you can customize for your grading style, integrating easily into Google Classroom and other Learning Management Systems.

This resource can be adapted to suit any secondary Language Arts classroom, but we've crafted it with care to work best for grades 9 through 12. The rubric aligns neatly with Common Core ELA Standards for Language (1 and 2) and Writing (2 and 4). We've bundled everything up in print-ready, bookmarked, and adjustable PDF files and PowerPoint Show files.

You'll get 5 pages of content and 1 Google Sheet in this resource. So, let's make learning fun and interactive!

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