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Parts of Speech: Nouns Lesson

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4

Ezee 101
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About This Product

Parts of Speech: Nouns Lesson Plan engages students in an interactive study of nouns. Students will apply reading, creative thinking, problem solving and more as they work through slides explaining the identification and usage of nouns. The resource covers the definition and key attributes of nouns, differentiation of nouns by type, the grammatical role of nouns in sentences, and using nouns properly in writing. Lively class discussions and practice activities reinforce student learning. Three presentations cater to different instructional needs: teacher slides with answer keys, student slides without answers, and a version revealing answers for self-checking. This versatile resource can facilitate whole-class instruction, small group work, or independent practice. The content suits grade 1-4 language arts and grammar lessons.

What's Included

3 PowerPoints with ready to display slides

- teacher

- student

- answer key

Resource Tags

nouns lesson plans grammar parts of speech class discussion

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