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Passport Series: Western Europe

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Passport Series: Western Europe

Passport Series: Western Europe is an enlightening teaching resource, designed to spark curiosity and broaden the minds of grade five to nine students. It covers a vast domain exploring language, food, culture, history, and geography across more than 50 countries.

In-Depth Studies With Inclusive Activities

The product boasts eight comprehensive books intended for in-depth studies about each country's unique attributes. The approach isn't just factual but includes activities:

  • Experimental recipes: Taste buds are stimulated with delicious dishes from various regions.
  • Educational games: Engaging games provide an interactive layer to enrich learning experiences.

Versatile Delivery & Adaptability

The Passport Series: Western Europe comes in a ready-to-print 189-page PDF file for accessible delivery of lesson plans according to teacher preferences. It supports various instructional arrangements – whole-group discussion or assignments for smaller groups or homework.

Promoting Continuous Learning

The series fosters continuous learning by suggesting ideas for extension activities. These opportunities cultivate valuable research skills among young learners beyond the classroom walls.

Vivid Storytelling & Cross-Curriculum Opportunities

Vivid illustrations and photographs enable student immersion within diverse societies while fostering global citizenship. The reproducible pages provide opportunities to connect lessons with other subjects aligning general education goals - making it a cornerstone tool not only for geography ages but also social studies instructors.

In Conclusion...
"Passport Series: Western Europe is more than just your average teaching tool; it transforms your classroom into a platform where every learner can metamorphose into an informed globetrotter ready to navigate our shared global village confidently. Consider this resource as a true investment in advancing the scope of education delivered to budding minds."

What's Included

1 PDF with 189 ready to print pages

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