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Patterns in Nature - Concentric Rings

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About This Product

Get ready to explore Patterns in Nature - Concentric Rings found in nature, art, and beyond here on Earth and throughout the universe! Did you know that concentric rings can be found not only in nature but also in art, technology, and even in our solar system and beyond? Bring any elementary math lesson alive with this geometry-centered mini unit study. Don't let the "mini" part of the lesson fool you as you and your learners can jump down myriads of learning rabbit holes for up to months at a time with the given complimentary Internet Activities. Learners enjoy learning about where concentric rings and polygons are found beautifully throughout nature from the cross-section of a tree to the rings of Saturn. There was even a strange discovery of rings forming on rocks through a chemical reaction!

Concepts Covered:

  • Geometry definition of concentric rings

  • Concentric polygons

  • How to find the area of concentric rings

  • Examples of concentric rings in nature and art

  • Concentric rings found in rocks and minerals

  • Liesegang Rings

  • Concentric rings found in water

  • Russian Painter, Wassily Kandinsky's Squares with Concentric Circles

  • Saturn's concentric rings

What's Included:

  • 7-slide PowerPoint

  • PDF version of PowerPoint

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Internet Activities: videos, project ideas, web resources

Resource Tags

math art math geometry concentric rings patterns in nature concentric circles Wassily Kandinsky

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