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PE Equipment Challenge Cards: Beanbag Tasks

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About This Product

PE Equipment Challenge Cards: Beanbag Tasks provides physical education teachers and homeschooling parents with 24 task cards that target beanbag skills. Students enhance eye-hand coordination and spatial awareness by maneuvering beanbags to complete various challenges. Teachers can present these engaging activities to individuals, small groups, or the entire class during indoor or outdoor PE. The self-checking tasks allow students to take ownership of their learning while developing manipulative skills. Educators can print these versatile challenge cards as full pages or two per page, in PDF, PowerPoint, or JPEG formats. With open-ended tasks that spark healthy competition, these beanbag challenge cards turn essential motor skills into fun.

What's Included

1 PDF with 12 printable pages

1 PowerPoint with 24 slides

24 printable JPG files

1 PDF with 24 printable pages

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PE challenge cards beanbags task cards exercise sports

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