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PE Home Poster Visuals: 12 Exciting Ways to Move

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About This Product

PE Home Poster Visuals: 12 Exciting Ways to Move This teaching resource provides 12 vibrant poster visuals that encourage students to stay active at home. With 6 colorful background options, educators can display these motivational posters in their gym classroom or insert the JPEG files into presentations. The posters showcase fun physical activities like jumping, dancing, stretching, playing sports, and more. Students will be drawn to the eye-catching graphics and reminded of different ways to get their bodies moving every day. This versatile resource can be utilized in various ways - printed for whole-class instruction, displayed for small group workouts, or sent home with individual students as part of a homework assignment. Overall, these upbeat visuals will engage learners while promoting health and fitness.

What's Included

6-page PDF

6 JPG files

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graphics physical education movement brain breaks home posters

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