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PE Spin and Move: Equipment Edition

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About This Product

PE Spin and Move: Equipment Edition is an interactive PowerPoint resource that gets students moving during physical education class. Students spin various wheels to generate fun exercises and movements utilizing common PE equipment like balls, ropes, and scooters. Teachers can customize the time and number of repetitions for each movement. Three difficulty levels allow further differentiation to challenge students at their individual fitness levels. Utilize the spinning wheels and embedded activities for whole group participation or small group stations. Send students home with printable handouts for continued physical activity and skill development. This versatile resource works well for elementary through high school physical education classes. Incorporate equipment spins into warm-ups, skill-building stations, or high-intensity workout routines. Allow students to lead peers through generated movements too! Spinning wheels make PE equipment fun for all ages and abilities.

What's Included

1 PDF with directions

1 PowerPoint with spinners

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PE games spin and move spin wheels exercise

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