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Perspective Taking Activity with Real Photos | What Message Are They Sending?

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About This Product

The Perspective Taking Activity with Real Photos: What Message Are They Sending?
This is a unique, engaging resource that caters specifically to educators assisting children grappling with developmental issues like Autism and ADHD. The core focus of this tool is to help students understand non-verbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions.
The tool comprises three distinct sets embedded in 30 real-life photo cards which are designed to improve learners' skills in inferring the message being expressed by others through their physical demeanor.
  1. The first set - Contains 10 photographs focusing on different facial expressions of a child.
  2. The second set - Introduces an additional level of complexity by adding elements of body language into its 10 presented photos.
  3. The third set - Presents interpersonal dynamics delineated in images featuring two or more people signifying layered understanding of both faces and bodies.
Within its comprehensive span across the vast expanse of its content-filled, detailed 106 pages—users can find directions for use, appreciation note for purchasing it along with access details inviting users to join The Teacher's Lounge which provides free weekly social skill resources.
Format Availability:
This activity invites versatility by providing contents in multiple formats: colored PDFs best suited for classroom application (can be laminated for longevity); grayscale versions perfect for home distribution supporting learning generalization across environments.
Thus creating multiple opportunities catering right from Kindergarten up till Grade Five—for adoption either as whole group discussions eliciting inclusivity; small groups or individual sessions pulling focus while also being utilized as homework involving parents into their students’ behavioral progress cycle noting reinforcement effects.
Concludingly, working around this material empowers educators leveraging diverse file types—as per requirement—seamlessly blending conceptual ideas within practical context fueling long-term comprehension among students overcoming developmental barriers.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 106 Pages


Thank You Page

Invitation ToThe Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly, Social Skills Resources!}

30 Photo Activity Cards With Teacher Prompts-

PDF In Color {Great for classroom use, Laminate and re-use for years}

PDF In Grayscale {Great to send home to support generalization}

Animated PowerPoint {Great for Distance Learning!}

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Perspective taking Non-verbal communication Facial expressions Body language Developmental disabilities

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