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NO PRINT Picturing Feelings & Emotions Social Skills with Social Scenario

NO PRINT Picturing Feelings & Emotions Social Skills with Social Scenario
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About This Product

This nonverbal communication social skills language unit focuses on defining, identifying, labeling, describing, and problem-solving emotional feelings in facial expressions. Graphics depicting 20 different emotions are broken down piece by piece for students to pay attention to the small details of eyebrows, eyes, and mouth and their differences in position. Then, students can test their knowledge by identifying 20 emotions from a field of 3 facial expressions and/or labeling 20 different facial expressions given a field of 3 emotions. Students will be able to apply their knowledge in **40 total scenarios** to a) identify a matching facial expression or label a feeling and b) provide a solution for what the character should do given or despite his/her feelings.

Need a break after all that work? Take your students with one of the three world-traveling photographers in an INTERACTIVE GAME! Your students will be able to choose their explorer, the color of their luggage tag (red or green), and the mode of transportation (plane, train, or cruise ship). Clicking on the boarding pass will show your students a surprise "photograph" of where they traveled!

The resource comes in a PDF version as well as a BOOM CARDS™ version.

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You will download a PDF version of the activity containing the interactive PDF. The second page contains a button to click which will take you to the Boom Learning website to redeem the Boom Cards version.

Please ask any questions you may have before purchasing.

What's Included

This pack contains the following:

20 Emotions with Introduction of Nonverbal Expression

20 Identification Stimuli given an Emotion

20 Labeling Stimuli given a Facial Expression

20 Scenarios to Match Facial Expression and Problem Solve with Choices

20 Scenarios to Match Feeling (no visual cues) and Problem Solve with Choices

BONUS GAME - World Traveling Photographer

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