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NO PRINT Picturing Feelings & Emotions Social Skills with Social Scenario

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About This Product

NO PRINT Picturing Feelings & Emotions Social Skills with Social Scenarios

This innovative, digital resource is a key tool for educators teaching social skills relating to emotional identification and expression. Crafted as a comprehensive language unit, this product specifically targets the recognition of feelings shown through non-verbal cues.

Unique Features:
  • Detailed instruction on observing changes in eyebrows, eyes, and mouth position for accurate emotion identification
  • Inclusion of images representing 20 different emotions
  • Practice exercises challenging learners to discern various facial expressions or accurately name a displayed emotion

This resource highly values practical application of the learned knowledge. A total of 40 scenarios tasks learners with associating correct emotions to each situation, indirectly honing their problem-solving skills as well.

An Engaging Interactive Game After Learning!

Learners would enjoy accompanying one out of three world travelling photographers based on their choices like explorer type and luggage tag color then traveling by plane, train or cruise ship. Clicking the boarding pass symbol presents them exciting pictures depicting their chosen destination.

The usability features navigation tools for smooth transitions between pages making management easier for teachers.
Grades Kindergarten till Grade 6 are suitable users during Speech Therapy sessions along with other specialty subjects. The interactive PDF version also partners well with BOOM CARDS™ providing customization potential conforming towards respective class needs such as small group sessions dedicated homework plans added. This material is especially beneficial in curriculums targeting students with language or learning difficulties due to its focus on non-verbal communication skills.

What's Included

This pack contains the following:

20 Emotions with Introduction of Nonverbal Expression

20 Identification Stimuli given an Emotion

20 Labeling Stimuli given a Facial Expression

20 Scenarios to Match Facial Expression and Problem Solve with Choices

20 Scenarios to Match Feeling (no visual cues) and Problem Solve with Choices

BONUS GAME - World Traveling Photographer

Resource Tags

social skills emotional recognition facial expressions non-verbal cues problem-solving scenario cards for emotions pdf

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