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Phonics FFFLLSS Boom Card Activity

Phonics FFFLLSS Boom Card Activity
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About This Product

Phonics FFFLLSS Boom Card Activity

The Phonics FFFLLSS Boom Card Activity is a vibrant educational tool designed to enhance children's phonics, letter recognition, sound recognition, and listening skills. This interactive platform juxtaposes fun with learning, making it an ideal pick for online education where children can learn by clicking and dragging on the cards.

Main Sections of the Activity Kit:

  • Fishing Time (10 pages): This section emphasizes on the sound 'f'.
  • Muffin Matching (10 pages): The focus here is on the sound 'ff'.
  • Frog on a Log (10 pages): In this part, learners become familiar with the sound 'l'.
  • Basketball in Net (10 pages): This section nurtures understanding of ‘ll’ sound.
  • Clean The Mess (10 Pages)
  • : Last but not least, this section teaches through well-drawn images about ‘ss’ phonetic sounds.

The Phonics FFFLLSS Boom Card Activity comes as a downloadable PDF that includes 50 activity-loaded pages focusing predominantly on f, ff, l,ll & ss sounds. A standout feature is its versatility; it allows for whole group interaction as well as small group participation! Furthermore, teachers also have the flexibility to assign it as homework ensuring that learning gets reinforced beyond classrooms.

Specially crafted for Kindergarten students learning Language Arts Subsubject: Phonics Activities; teachers are provided unlimited device licenses enabling them widespread usage across their student batches - thus leading to multiplied learnings!

Indeed, The Phonics FFFLLSS Boom Card Activity provides educators with a top-notch teaching aid managing varied ability levels while maintaining the thrill and freshness linked to interactive online education. This tool helps teachers effectively bolster crucial phonetics skills in budding learners.

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