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Physical Education Brag Tags: Character Traits

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About This Product

Physical Education Brag Tags: Character Traits

Physical Education Brag Tags: Character Traits is an instructional tool designed to foster positivity and character growth in students. This unique approach encourages trait development by utilizing the mechanism of positive reinforcement in your educational setting.

This resource offers printable, laminatable brag tags - 14 per page - that can be awarded to students for displaying designated character traits such as honesty, bravery, kindness and more. These tags can be given out during Physical Education classes or at any other appropriate time.


  • Can be used in a variety of settings such as whole group or small group activities
  • Easily integrates recognition into the learning platform
  • Benefits not just regular teaching but also useful for organizing recess activities and promoting values simultaneously
  • Ideal for use in school events like Field Days or seasonal rewards days

Enhances Comprehensive Physical Skills:

  • Catching, teamwork, sportsmanship alongside hand-eye coordination & agility are few of the skills it appreciates.
  • The assortment groups students based on skill level ensuring fair games safe for all participants. Territories being mapped accordingly prove beneficial here!
Available as a PDF file with 25 ready-to-print pages. This resource can be used year after year to help develop PE skills among learners.

Included are detailed instructions laid out effectively; these brag tags follow an easy-to-understand lesson plan format inclusive of engaging set-up diagrams making each feedback session proactive. 

A Cornerstone If Essentials With Every Application!

Treat yourself with the Physical Education Brag Tags: Character Traits today and witness how they add an element of fun to your teaching. Endorsing moral enlightenment, it does an extraordinary job of grooming personalities - after all, education is not just about educating but grooming personalities along the way!

What's Included

1 PDF with 25 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

Honesty Bravery Kindness Teamwork Sportsmanship

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