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Physical Education Entrance Slips

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About This Product

Physical Education Entrance Slips

A unique teaching resource designed for educators in public schools and homeschooling scenarios. It aids in the seamless organisation of gym class activities, ensuring they are both fun and skill-developing.


These easy-to-use slips allow teachers to streamline procedures at the start of a Physical Education lesson. They can be used with all age groups, making them highly versatile across different student cohorts.

Promoting Excitement within Learning

An exciting learning environment is crucial in PE classes to keep children engaged. These slips promote this engagement as they function as more than an entrance pass - they can be incorporated into various parts of the lesson such as:

  • Whole-group activities
  • Small-group activities
  • Individual tasks or homework assignments

A Safe PE Environment

Safety during physical education classes is paramount; these entrance slips serve a key role in ensuring games remain fair while considering developmental skills and fitness factors across ability groups.

The Physical Education Entrance Slips file includes:
  • A PDF with 17 ready-to-print pages
  • Detailed instructions for each activity presented in Lesson Plan format

  • These not only explain tasks but also impart vital PE skills such as :
    1. Catching and throwing techniques,
    2. Tracking movements, Enhancing cardiovascular endurance, Sportsmanship.
"Establishing engaging routines for your gym class has never been easier or more efficient- making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking innovative methods contributing towards an active PE curriculum."

What's Included

1 PDF with 17 ready to print pages

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Physical Education Entrance Slips Lesson Plans Skill Development Interactive Activities

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