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Pictorial Math Multiplication Flashcards | HALLOWEEN x2

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About This Product

Pictorial Math Multiplication Flashcards, specially themed for Halloween and centered around the factor of 2.

Here's a snapshot of what you'll find:

  1. Halloween Fun: Each flashcard features a vibrant, Halloween-themed background. It's colorful, engaging, and sure to capture your students' attention.

  2. Variety on Each Page: One thing that stands out is that every page showcases three distinct versions of a fact and factor combination. This means you can present the same concept in multiple ways, allowing you to cater to different learning styles.

  3. Detailed Layout:

  • The first version displays the fact number, embedded with the factor - showing the 'times' representation.

  • The second lays out the factor in a row at the bottom, again emphasizing the multiplication.

  • The third presents the relevant initial part of the equation, giving a clear visual representation.

Color Coding: Each of the facts for factors from 1-10 has its unique color. This is a simple yet effective method for sorting, and it acts as a visual prompt or cue for the students.

Unique Backgrounds: Not only is each card lively, but every version of the facts boasts a different background image. It keeps things fresh and engaging for the students.

Versatility: Whether you're thinking of using them as decor, visual prompts, or teaching resources, these flashcards are up for the task. Imagine having these pinned up on your bulletin board throughout the season or using them as a laminated flipbook resource for the class.

Pictorial Reference: These cards can serve as a solid reference, especially when delving into word problems, repeated addition, multiplication, and even division.

WORDS ASIDE is packed with a diverse array of resources that can really elevate our teaching game, especially in areas like cognitive skills, literacy, language, and communication. And the best part? They offer both colored and black and white versions for many of their resources. If you're like me and always on the lookout to save on printing, you'll appreciate that a lot of these can be easily displayed on screens - no need to fuss with printing!

For those diving into numeracy, there are also resources on basic math. And for our visual learners, they've incorporated a pictorial/manipulative approach to learning which I've found really engaging for the students. I genuinely hope you find this as valuable as I did. Dive in, explore, and witness the progress in your classrooms. Happy teaching!

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