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Pictorial Math Multiplication Flashcards | SPACE x2

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About This Product

Pictorial Math Multiplication Flashcards | SPACE x2 is a valuable resource targeted primarily at educators in Grade 2 through Grade 4. It consists of engaging, space-themed flashcards designed to make the learning of multiplication both easy and entertaining.

These flashcards can be used:

  • In an interactive activity for the whole class

  • In small group sessions to promote peer learning

  • As a take-home resource for students needing extra practice, extending their learning beyond the classroom walls.

This teaching aid covers multiplication facts from numbers 1-10 with factors from numbers 1-12. Each card utilizes fun colors and each distinct fact is uniquely colored for easy sorting and cues.


  • Vivid mix of colors that engage learners visually whilst enabling understanding of mathematical constructs like addition, multiplication, etc.

  • Dual decorative-educative nature: Can double up as wall decors or eye-catchers on bulletin board when not in instruction use.

  • The background images are independently themed which adds an element of surprise thus increasing learner engagement.

Multiplication relationship explained via three visual set perspectives:

  1. Fact number blended with its factor,

  2. The same Fact number along with its factor in a row at each card's bottom,

  3. An equivalent equation segment depicting Fact number.

Last but not least

The Pictorial Math Multiplication Flashcard | SPACE x2 resource is in a 13-page PDF form; you can use it digitally or in a printed format depending on the learning situation, therefore giving you the ability to effectively customize according to varying needs of your students.

In Conclusion

The SPACE x2 themed flashcards amalgamate fun and function to ensure that learners understand key multiplicative relationships, thus accelerating their comprehension of math basics essential for further proficiency.

13 - page PDF resource with three types of pictorial explanation for multiplication FACTS and FACTORS , for your bulletin boards , your classroom walls , your screens and your custom made task cards and books .

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