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Picture to Picture Matching

An educational teaching resource from SEN Resource Source entitled Picture to Picture Matching downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Picture to Picture Matching - A Comprehensive Teaching Resource

This exceptional tool Picture to Picture Matching aims to assist learners in matching identical pictures. It serves as a crucial way to foster pre-reading skills amongst children by honing visual distinguishing abilities over the reliance on tactile sensations.

The activity acts as a stepping stone for learners by aiding them in making finer distinctions between objects based purely on sight. This valuable skill has potential implications across different learning scenarios – from recognizing letters and words while reading, differentiating shapes during geometry lessons or even identifying human emotions in social studies!

  • Meticulously crafted: Every aspect has been meticulously crafted with experts' advice for seamless practice across a variety of settings: large group classroom exercises or small group interventions.

  • Inclusive: Parents homeschooling their children will find this equally useful.

  • The Package: Users receive 9 base boards along with 9 picture cards each – all ready to match! Content broken down into manageable chunks to keep engagement alive without overwhelming young learners.

  • Durable & reusable: Just laminate the sheets and apply Velcro strips! Ready for repeated use without showing any wear or tear.

  • 'Special Resources': Pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) as well as any child interested in learning through visuals can greatly benefit from these challenges at their own pace.

In consideration of its engagement value and educational dividends, "Picture to Picture Matching" is a remarkable addition that caters universally and captivates individually. Not just another PDF file type activity download, but an invaluable addition indeed!

This set includes 9 base boards each with 9 picture cards to match.

Clipart images courtesy of Kari Bolt Clipart

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