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Plan And Write A Modern Fairy Tale (6-9 years)

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About This Product

Product: Plan And Write A Modern Fairy Tale (6-9 years)

For educators seeking innovative methods to inspire and engage their students in the realm of creative writing, the 'Plan And Write A Modern Fairy Tale (6-9 years)' is an invaluable teaching resource. Primarily developed for young learners between 6 to 9 years old, this tool aims to guide users on how to beautifully construct their own masterpieces, offering a unique blend of traditional tales and modern narratives.

Target Audience:

The package primarily targets teachers involved in subjects such as Language Arts, specializing in Creative Writing. Comprising five comprehensive worksheets within a single PDF file, the product provides much-needed guidance for inspiring imaginative storytelling.


  • Familiarity with fairy tales:
  • Centred around familiar fairy tales like 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff', it demonstrates valuable insights into character creation, setting establishment and plot development.

  • Story structure:
  • Through a careful breakdown of story structure into beginnings, middles and ends children are effortlessly guided so they can weave together well-rounded narratives that captivate interest from start to finish.

  • Writing challenges:
  • Numerous writing challenges pepper each worksheet -these not only stimulate their imagination but also hone their understanding about logical sequencing for impactful storytelling by involving them in tasks like rearranging jumbled stories.


This exceptional learning aid could be implemented flexibly across various educational settings according to an instructor's needs whether that’s whole group discussions or small group activities depending upon class size and individual pupil abilities. Alternatively, it may even serve wonderfully as homework assignments providing continuity in learning beyond classrooms.

Appealing Illustrations:

An added charm in this product is its enchanting silhouette illustrations complementing each work pack which not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also can act as subtle cues guiding young minds towards more detailed imagery when creating their narratives.


The ‘Plan And Write A Modern Fairy Tale (6-9 Years)' resource offers an engaging spring-board solution designed specifically to propel student creativity while enhancing narrative technique when crafting captivating modern fairy tales from scratch.

What's Included

5 pages

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Creative writing Fairy tales Storytelling Character development Plot structure

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