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Playing Soccer With My Friends, Social Skills Story and Activities

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Social Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

"Playing Soccer With My Friends, Social Skills Story and Activities" is a thorough educational resource designed to assist teachers and homeschoolers in imparting vital social skills to students. Designed primarily for learners in Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2, this material concentrates on team activities like playing soccer with peers aimed at enhancing teamwork and positivity.
The core aspect of this tool is a social narrative that delves into the nuances of cooperative actions by exploring the dynamics of playing soccer with friends. A sport loved globally by children makes an ideal metaphor for ingraining values like good sportsmanship, empathetic perspective-taking and positive spirit among learners.
Notable aspects about this resource include:
  • Its focus on easing anxieties that some special needs students may face while engaging in recess or school team sports.
  • Suitable particularly for teachers involved special education as it helps children apprehensive about getting the ball or winning.
Alongside an appealing social skills tale (with three different cover options either featuring a boy or girl), it further encloses three 'Skill Builder' tasks which augment learning through practical application. These entrancing tasks foster creativity (Draw It), understanding inclusivity (Who's Playing?) and enhancing planning skills (Plan It).
With its convenient PDF format enabling easy digital access across multiple devices helping tutors share knowledge comfortably from any location establishes "Playing Soccer With My Friends" more than just an educational tool; it transforms into an aide aiding instructors nurture not only academically brilliant but also socially sorted young minds.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 32 Pages

Social Skills Story {Choice of 3 Covers: Boy/Girl/Boy &Girl}

Skill Builder Activity 1 {Draw It}

Skill Builder Activity 2 {Who's Playing?}

Skill Builder Activity 3 {Plan It}

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