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Getting To Know You Activities Pack

Getting To Know You Activities Pack
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Life Skills


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Getting To Know You Activities Pack

The Getting To Know You Activities Pack is a valuable teaching tool designed to foster social integration and empathy in the classroom. It is especially suited for Grade 1-5 students, addressing specifically the needs of special-needs students. Strong ties among classmates contribute to an environment conducive for fruitful discussions, friendly relationships, and acceptance of diversity.

This resource pack boasts a variety of activities that teach foundational life skills while encouraging students to learn more about each other. Its flexibility allows educators to switch between activities depending on their class's unique needs and interests.

Contained within this Lessons Pack are:

  • Master-classes on getting acquainted, designed thoughtfully to provoke thought-provoking interactions over 60 pages filled with creative ideas.
  • A poster set that visually prompts getting-to-know-you dialogues perfect for classroom walls decoration.
  • The 'This…or That?' activity serves as an exceptional group exercise or homework assignment meant for gauging personal preference while stimulating interesting exchanges at home or amongst friends.
  • Conversation-starter Cards:
  • Aids opening communication channels among peers who might otherwise shy away from initiating talk owing to self-consciousness or unfamiliarity.
  • An inclusive 'Board Game': It pushes students into revealing intriguing aspects about themselves amidst fun competition—an effective way not only for inducing camaraderie but also allowing personalities to shine brightly during gameplay!
  • A 'Four Corners' activity aims at piquing curiosity and fostering bonds through sharing relatable information.This addition ensures active participation from all quarters—a magnificent blend of learning through playfulness.
    • In conclusion...

      The Getting to Know You Activities Pack is a must-have teaching aid. It serves as an innovative solution to creating friendship, mutual respect, and understanding among young learners.

What's Included

Included Please Find 60 Pages:

> Getting To Know You Poster Set

> This… Or That? Activity

> Chit-Chat Cards

> Getting To Know You Prompt Cards

> Getting To Know You Board Game

> Getting To Know You Games/Activities

> Four Corners Activity

> Getting To Know You BINGO

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