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Poppy & Ma's December Daily Math Practice

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Word Problems


Grade 2





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About This Product

Poppy & Ma's December Daily Math Practice

A dynamic teaching resource for Grade 2 educators, eager to enhance their students' math skills. Offering an exceptional blend of valuable knowledge in Estimation, Measurement, Subtraction, Addition, Place Value and more. This teaching tool serves the dual purpose of instruction and practice.

Interactive Poppy’s Odd Pages and Ma’s Even Pages Format

  • Poppy:Focusing on estimating and measurement skills inclusive of fluency in addition and subtraction up to triple digits with regrouping.
  • Ma:Aids students through telling time exercises and identifying properties of operations.

The power lies in capitalizing on repetitions that reinforce core standards that can be adjusted appropriately for whole group instruction or small group activity formats.

Incorporating Mini-assessments for Regular Check-ins & Weekly Homework Practice Mode

This resource provides mini-assessments that track student progress over time. These tools are particularly suitable after introducing new skills or topics during class sessions or revisiting previously learned concepts. Extending beyond classroom settings, it also smoothly slides into a weekly homework practice mode!

Ease with Ready-to-Print Materials & Printable PDFs

No teacher has ever denied the sheer relief offered by ready-to-print materials! At disposal is a robust set packed with twenty-four carefully constructed pages waiting to jump into action anytime you need them through their printable avatar.

To sum up, Poppy & Ma's December Daily Math Practice promises a rich reservoir of mathematical knowledge enriched further by varied exercise types blended creatively ensuring repeated elements maintain stimulation! It is definitely worthy employing across academic settings wherein grade 2 math finds relevance, be it in traditional schools or homeschooling modules alike.

What's Included

1 PDF with 24 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

Estimation Measurement Subtraction Addition Place Value

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