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Math | Grade 2 | Worksheets

Poppy & Ma's January Daily Math Practice.

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About This Product

Poppy & Ma's January Daily Math Practice: An Effective Teaching Resource

This is an extremely effective resource aimed at grade 2 students and educators. It can be used in both traditional classrooms and homeschool environments, designed to reinforce key math skills through daily practice.

The Content

The content of this tool includes:

  • Poppy’s Odd Pages: Topics covered include estimation and measurement, addition and subtraction facts with relation & fluency, double & triple digit calculations with regrouping, money summations written forms. The resource additionally covers place value concepts combined with expanded form reading along with temperature assessments, skip pattern counting exercises, rounding to the nearest 10 & 100 techniques as well as some interesting geometric shapes.
  • Ma's Even Pages: These pages provide math challenges like telling time and calculating elapsed time. This portion also covers reinforcing addition & subtraction related to fluency using double digits coupled with regrouping. It further drills on properties of operations and fractional parts concepts followed by patterning abilities enhancements besides learning about even-odd number differentiation techniques culminating into multiplication fundamentals.

Versatility In Usage

This tool functions excellently in different settings such as critical thinking sessions or small group instructional meetings making it a strategic tool that helps learners accomplish common core standards effectively needing regular reinforcement.

Incorporating weekly mini-assessments which help measure student progress regarding newly introduced concepts or already taught elements; this resource spirals back into previously covered areas ensuring no understanding gaps over time.

Possible Integration Into Weekly Homework Routines

Leveraging its seamless integration abilities into weekly homework routines promotes better practice efforts thereby making students increasingly confident by simplifying yet challenging math on a daily basis.

Download Now!

Explore the invaluable insights available across 24 printable PDF pages! This comprehensive approach makes chances of learning, not just easier but fun too! Happy Teaching!

What's Included

1 PDF with 24 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

math practice daily practice core competencies key math skills estimation and measurement

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