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Poppy & Ma's March Daily Math Practice.

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Word Problems


Grade 2





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About This Product

Poppy & Ma's March Daily Math Practice

A one-stop resource designed specifically to strengthen and polish your second grade learners' Mathematical knowledge. This product houses an intricate mix of exercises revolving around essential mathematical concepts.

Mathematical Concepts and Operations:
  • Relating & fluency addition & subtraction facts.
  • Double and triple digit calculations with regrouping.
  • Money operation – including how to write monetary figures
  • Place value comprehension, operations involving tens and hundreds.
Rising complexities of Mathematics:
This robust teaching tool delves deeper into math topics such as:
  • Skip pattern counting
  • Rounding off numbers to the nearest 10’s or 100’s platforms.
  • Familiarization with geometric shapes structure, properties of different mathematical operations, introduction to elapsed time concept complemented by multiplication an division comprehension, understanding the differences between odd/even numbers and many more!

User Flexibility:

The resilience in Poppy & Ma's March Daily Math Practice originates not only from its content diversification but also extends towards its adoption convenience. It serves multiple group styles:

  1. A whole-group initiative resounding common core standards needing recurring reinforcement
  2. Tailor-made for small group work drills focused on enhancing learning dynamics.
Included Features :
Efficient weekly math skill mini-assessments where students can review newly taught elements while building proficiency over recurring ones. Inclusion Approach :
The thoughtfully designed content includes exercises dealing with patterning sequences and figuring out largest or smallest fractions.


No extra work needed! This product provides a print-ready PDF containing 24 pages filled with Mathematics adventure ensuring substantial value realization while sparking cognitive curiosity among learners.

"Making Mathematics a desired education destination for every Grade 2 learner starts with choosing Poppy & Ma's March Daily Math Practice – the choice of many educators across the globe."

What's Included

1 PDF with 24 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

math facts addition/subtraction regrouping place value geometric shapes

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