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Poppy & Ma's September Daily Math Practice

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Word Problems


Grade 2





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About This Product

Poppy & Ma's September Daily Math Practice for Second Grade

Poppy & Ma's September Daily Math Practice is a comprehensive teaching resource specifically designed for second grade students and educators. It offers an effective solution for enhancing the mathematical skills of students while ensuring that all concepts are understood, practiced, and thoroughly grasped.

What's inside the Packet?

This robust packet comes equipped with Poppy & Ma Decoration Posters, actively engaging young learners visually aiding their learning process. The material tackles several integral subjects in mathematics such as:

  • Estimation
  • Measurement
  • Addition and Subtraction fluency
  • Critical topics like handling money and place value.

The unique aspect of this package is the systematic arrangement of mathematical activities.
'Poppy's Odd Pages', cover multiple subjects from estimation & measurement to relating shapes; extending a well-rounded approach to learning patterns and solving problem sets.
In contrast, 'Ma's Even Pages', feature time telling exercises along with properties of operations, comparing three-digit numbers and understanding fractional parts within geometric shapes.

Versatility in Application

This math practice packet fits different teaching dynamics - whether it’s small group instruction or large-scale classroom delivery. It provides ample room for customization based on individual student needs or overall class progression levels.

Weekly Mini-Assessments Included!

The package includes weekly mini-assessments aimed at reinforcing common core math skills alongside new ones being introduced into the curriculum. This resource stands out as a complete tool kit packed with opportunities for continuous learning enhancement throughout the September month.


These math exercises can continue beyond school hours as they are perfectly set up to be dispatched as homework practice ensuring continued engagement!

Ease of Use

This 26-pages packet comes in ready-to-print PDF format. There is no need for any tedious preparations, making it an absolute must-have educational aid.

Add Poppy & Ma's Daily Math Practice to Your Resources!

Consider rounding off your professional resources inventory by adding Poppy & Ma's September Daily Math Practice into your impressive arsenal of educating solutions - leading every student onto the path of realizing their mathematical potential!

What's Included

1 PDF with 26 ready to print pages

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