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"Post-Civil War", Online Unit Access, US History

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History: USA


Grade 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Post-Civil War Online Unit Access

The Post-Civil War Online Unit Access is a digital teaching resource specifically designed for U.S. History educators. This product provides comprehensive unit coverage with a focus on 20th Century Issues following the Civil War.

This tool has been primarily developed for eleventh-grade students as per the New York State Frameworks curriculum, but its flexible content can also adapt to grade levels 7-12 as per varying state requirements.

Key Features:

  • A fully online-accessible course — no printable materials included.
  • A wide variety of topics focusing on post-civil war issues like Immigration in Modern Era, Civil Rights milestones and more.
  • User-friendly interactive features like 'Etudes' that display media along with queries to enhance learner engagement and critical thinking skills.
  • Purchase provides PDF download containing student access codes granting seamless entry into virtual US history classroom at

Educational Strategies:

This resource enables various learning approaches depending upon your teaching style – it can support whole group instruction, small groups or even works effectively as individual homework assignments.

Assessment & Feedback:

  • All tasks including short answer activities are auto-corrected by an AI grading assistant providing rapid feedback for learners and easing assessment handling for teachers.
  • Last lesson of each section ends in quizzes or post-tests offering real-time evaluation of student progress to ensure their mastery over the content
Please be advised that PowerPoint slide packs are not part of this purchase. They must be procured separately if required for in-class pedagogy. The 'Post-Civil-War-Online-Unit-Access' enables enhanced learning with its all-in-one online US history lessons and swift evaluation mechanism, making it a worthwhile addition to the toolbox of any modern educator.

Get your students exploring historical milestones at their own pace, facilitating effective organization and long-term learning with Post-Civil War Online Unit Access!

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