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Practise Writing A Letter (9-14 years)

Practise Writing A Letter (9-14 years)
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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

This resource contains lots of ideas for letter writing. Use the model answers, writing skeletons and prompts to write your own formal and informal letters. For example write a letter of complaint for the late arrival of flowers, write a letter to parents (as if you were a teacher) planning a school trip and write a thank you letter, for a holiday you have recently enjoyed.

This is an essential resource for all students wanting to develop their literacy skills and improve their grades in English assignments and examinations.

Information Writing work packs concentrate specifically on information writing, providing everything needed to stimulate a child to write. The child is taught to recognise the difference between facts and opinions. Each pack in this series concentrates on a different aspect of information writing including: writing to advise, writing to inform, writing to explain, writing to analyse, review and comment, giving examples. The child is taught how a newspaper article is structured, how to write formal and informal letters, diaries, police reports, e-mails, biographies, autobiographies, interviews, book reviews and many more.

The work packs contain starting point for writing, helping the child to form ideas, enabling him or her to structure their work and organise it into paragraphs. Attention is given to making writing more interesting by varying sentence types, using punctuation and good grammar.

Each work pack includes an exciting range of model answers and sample texts written by students and provides practice questions to test them. Common errors made by students are highlighted and corrected. They are packed with vital hints and tips to enable the student to be successful and gain good grades.

The packs are a very useful resource for teachers and save hours of time when preparing lessons or homework tasks. The specimen lesson plans and examples contained within each work pack will give the student ideas to build on and provide practice to develop their writing skills. Each work pack provides children with ideas for writing, especially reluctant writers who require starting points to write. Each work pack provides a safe topic that children will be comfortable with.

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20 pages

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