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Let's Write An Informal Letter (7-11 years)

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About This Product

Let's Write An Informal Letter (7-11 years)

This teaching resource is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to both formal and informal letter writing for students aged 7-11 years old. Combining practical examples with fun, engaging exercises, it serves as an invaluable tool for educators teaching various styles of written communication.

The learning process:

  1. The course starts off by introducing the tone, style, and structure required in formal letters. Students learn how to construct arguments using point-evidence-explanation techniques suited for each paragraph. This promotes critical thinking and persuasive communication skills.
  2. In addition, real-world scenarios are used where students might need to write such letters - like complaints or asking for help. The students gradually learn how to present their viewpoint in a sensible manner starting from a topic sentence followed by corresponding evidence and explanation.

Moving further into the world of informal letter writing:

This part focuses on emphasizing the stark contrast between formal and informal structures while encouraging creative freedom within actual events. Such activity enables students not only establish foundational language arts skills but also significantly building their emotional intelligence.

Making learning more interactive:

  • The course materials incorporate sample letters that are both challenging yet accessible which ensures student engagement during solo study times or group activities.
  • This product can be easily merged within various teaching formats – including homework assignments meant for self-practice or targeted group lessons focussed on acquiring specific skills related to this subject matter.
In conclusion:

Packed with well-crafted worksheets that helps reinforce information absorbed by providing valuable feedback about every student's area of improvement. Also, this course stands as unique because it caters all abilities and specifically, those preparing for creative writing tasks at grade-specific examinations while also being a source of inspiration for the otherwise reluctant writers.

Available only in PDF format the supporting materials guides learners on using different sentences, connectives along with comprehensive grammar and punctuation corrections. This not just gives tips but encourages consistency in practice that helps boost student confidence and promote enjoyment in writing.

What's Included

11 pages

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