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Practise Writing To Explain And To Instruct (9-14 years)

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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Practise Writing To Explain And To Instruct (9-14 years)

A comprehensive teaching resource ideal for educators in public schools, homeschooling settings and private institutions. Primarily designed for students between the grades of 4 and 7 aged 9 to 14, it focuses on enhancing written communication skills that form the backbone of English assignments.

Core Focus

This resource pack is deeply rooted in Information Writing. It provides immense focus on aspects such as writing to:

  • Advise
  • Inform
  • Explain
  • Review

The pack also provides tangible understanding by offering examples and model texts for generating various forms of writing like police reports, biographies, interviews or book reviews among others. The clear distinction between facts and opinions equals young learners to channel their thinking effectively.

Additionality & Benefits

This digital tool dives deeper than mere fluency improvement; it catalyses students' writing into being more engaging by targeting sentence variation, punctuation usage while retaining consistent grammar. The lessons organised within this resource foster interactive learning sessions stimulating creativity among learners. Widely helpful for those unfamiliar with expressing themselves creatively in written form or the ones combating writer's block. From a teacher's perspective these resources are timesavers while preparing lessons or homework tasks since they also contain structurally organized lesson plans against each specific topic.

Digital Format (PDF)

The Practise Writing To Explain And To Instruct (9-14 years) comes in an easy-to-disseminate digital format comprising varied worksheets that ensure active student participation. Ideally usable across whole class settings, small group activities or even individual assignments.

Final Thoughts

This resource pack is not just another set of worksheets; it nurtures children’s written prose by tracing every aspect of content creation right from the brainstorming stage to a final polished coherent paragraph. An invaluable tool for educators focusing on Language Arts or core writing skills.

What's Included

20 pages

Resource Tags

writing fluency information writing interactive lessons teaching resource language arts

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