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Preppy Flamingo Substitute Binder

Preppy Flamingo Substitute Binder
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About This Product

A quick and easy way to prepare a substitute binder for the year! And even more fun - it's a preppy flamingo-themed binder! :)

What's Included

What's included in the PDF file:

- Binder cover

- Binder Side Label

- "Thank you for subbing for me..." intro letter with the table of contents

- Basics dividers (schedule, class lists, attendance, etc.)

- Attendance sheet

- Daily Schedule sheet

- Lesson Plans divider

- Emergency Lesson Plans divider

- Important Procedures divider

- Emergency Procedures sheet

- Fire Drill Roster sheet

- Behavior Management divider

- Daily Routines divider

- Sub Report divider

- Sub Report sheet (Date, Sub, Notes/Comments, Student comments)

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