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Preppy Cactus Themed Substitute Binder

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About This Product

Preppy Cactus Themed Substitute Binder: A Unique and Comprehensive Approach for Substitute Teaching

Innovatively designed to meet the needs of educators, The Preppy Cactus Themed Substitute Binder offers a complete range of tools necessary for effective lesson planning and organization. This cactus-themed binder is easy to navigate, adaptable across all education systems and can be also used for home-school style learning environments.

Key Components:

  • The Basics Dividers: These include your schedule, class lists, attendance sheets and more.
  • Daily Schedule Sheet: Facilitates seamless transition between lessons.
  • Lesson Plans Dividers & Emergency Lesson Plans Dividers: Provides control over what students learn even in unanticipated circumstances.
  • Safety Procedures Details: Covers crucial information regarding fire drills and emergency procedures ensuring safety measures are always maintained in class.

Aesthetic Feature & Interactivity Enhancements :

Beyond its functionality,The Preppy Cactus Themed Substitute Binder, boasts an exciting preppy cacti design that makes organization enjoyable! Additionally, the interactive sub-report divider serves as a communicative tool where educators can log detailed notes on substitutions dates, student comments etc. Offering more personalized feedback.

This unique product from Teach Simple is tailor-made by fellow educators who understand the challenges of teaching. It offers an avant-garde solution that smoothes out small-group discussions; transforming larger group lessons into stimulating experiments; while infusing creativity in homework assignments!

What's Included

What's included in the PDF file:

- Binder cover

- "Thank you for subbing for me..." intro letter with a table of contents

- Basics dividers (schedule, class lists, attendance, etc.)

- Attendance sheet

- Daily Schedule sheet

- Lesson Plans divider

- Emergency Lesson Plans divider

- Important Procedures divider

- Emergency Procedures sheet

- Fire Drill Roster sheet

- Behavior Management divider

- Daily Routines divider

- Sub Report divider

- Sub Report sheet (Date, Sub, Notes/Comments, Student comments)

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