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Problem Solving

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Word Problems


Grade 3, 4



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Problem Solving - A Resource for Educators

Guided by the principle of simplicity in instruction, this workbook entitled, 'Problem Solving', serves as a go-to resource for educators seeking to cultivate solid problem-solving skills among primary-age learners. Geared chiefly at students in Grade 3 and Grade 4, it is versatile enough to be of immense value if used either within a traditional classroom setup or in homeschooling settings.

Capturing the essence of mathematical teaching pedagogies such as Word Problems, the content coverage within the workbook aligns seamlessly with typical curriculum sequences. The lessons are constructed and sequenced purposefully to ensure ease of navigation by both teachers and students alike. Teachers are not limited to any stringent order; rather they have total discretion over how they choose to conduct their lessons using this resource.

Each page presents exhilarating challenges that encourage children's math creativity while systematically reinforcing their ability to problem-solve. Furthermore, these exercises require minimal supervision making it an appropriate tool during group activities as well as individual tasks whether on-site or virtual instruction occurs.

  • To further support educators and parents’ efforts towards math teaching progression for their young learners, answers are provided discretely within an easy-to-remove four-page leaflet contained inside.
  • This makes assessment quick and efficient providing immediate feedback on student understanding while saving valuable preparation time.

Almost bucking the digital trend of our times, this 'Problem Solving' workbook is packaged in PDF format which makes it accessible across varying devices whether printed out or utilized digitally offering added convenience based on user preference or resource availability.

In summing up all these features into one cohesive package intended for today's progressive educator whose goal is facilitating relevant knowledge acquisition among young minds whilst cultivating crucial lifelong skills such as problem-solving – 'Problem Solving', indeed comes second-to-none! It stands out genuinely amongst other resources engineered towards similar outcomes relevantly adapted into challenging Math subject matter like Word Problems delivered efficiently through lesson plans.

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