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Producer Consumer Decomposer - Digital Task Cards for Google Classroom

An educational teaching resource from Sheltered Language Resources entitled Producer Consumer Decomposer - Digital Task Cards for Google Classroom downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 5, 6, 7

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About This Product

These self graded, digital science task cards on identifying producers, consumers, and decomposers are perfect for your digital middle school math classroom.

These digital task cards are not just regular printable task cards with text boxes inserted for students to type in, they are task cards embedded in Google Forms!

Just assign them to your students on Google Classroom, let them practice or give them a quiz, and then analyze the data to see what you should do next.

With the purchase of this resource, you get 2 sets of task cards. They both reference the same questions, but they have different uses.

1. Practice Version: This set of 15 digital task cards (as a Google Form) is set to require that students get the correct answer before they are allowed move onto the next problem. This set is great for lower-stakes practice or for a science center where you want to make sure students are getting it right!

If students get a problem wrong, they're given a hint to prompt them and then they must try the problem again.

2. Quiz Version: This set of 15 digital task cards (as a Google Form) is self-graded. Students progress through the cards one-at-a-time and then get their score reported to them when they complete all the cards.

To see the entire set of task cards, check out the preview.

I use this with my 6th graders. These are all very basic, low level problems for identifying producers, consumers, and decomposers. It does not address different levels of consumers.

Special Features:

  • Each question is treated as a separate "section". Students can only complete one question at a time. This can be beneficial for ELLs or students with special learning needs because it chunks the questions in a way that can lower the cognitive demand.

  • The questions use images that shows the prompts. This means the text is written much larger and clearer than if it was just typed in with regular text. The images visually scaffold the activity and reduce the language load.

Ideas for use:

  • Use the practice version as homework or as a science center activity.

  • Use the practice version to refresh the topic for students who have already had some exposure to it.

  • Add your own questions to customize the problems to match your areas of emphasis.

  • Use the quiz version as a formative assessment to see how students are doing.

  • Use the quiz version as an entry in your grade book. If you use the grade book in Google Classroom, you can just import the scores once the students are done!


This is a digital-only resource and is in the form of a Google Form. You cannot print this activity and use it as a paper-pencil document.

What's Included

1 PDF file.

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