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Quantum Leap Video Guide: Nuclear Family

Quantum Leap Video Guide: Nuclear Family
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History: USA


Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

The Quantum Leap Video Guide: Nuclear Family

A comprehensive teaching resource designed to enrich lessons in social studies, specifically targeting the history of the USA. Aimed for grades 9 through 12, this guide offers an interactive approach to learning and discussing intricate historical events like the Cold War.

Inclusions in Resource Package:

  • Two PDF files.
  • Two Word documents.
  • An outlined video guide for Quantum Leap: Nuclear Family episode.

The episode vividly illustrates life during the Cold War era showcasing scenes including bomb shelters usage, and revisiting noteworthy time periods like the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Description of Central Theme:

The primary character is Eddie Elroy, a college student who becomes entangled with his brother's issues. The plot follows him as he struggles to prevent a disaster stirred by fear of impending nuclear attack symbolic of World War III onset.

Interactive Companion Sheet:

  • The sheet facilitates active participation and nurtures thought processes with 22 strategically placed questions.
  • Meticulous design engages students' critical thinking abilities promoting stimulating discussion within classrooms or homeschool settings.
  • Adequately designed answer keys help educators in marking or reviewing responses efficiently despite tight schedules.
Note - Mastering US History using Innovative Teaching Resource Enjoyably!
The highlighted attribute is its moldability which allows teachers to tailor it according to specific lesson plans without compromising core objectives or standards aligned content materials that most curriculums entail.

What's Included

2 PDFs

2 Word docs

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