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Quiz-Quiz-Trade Game: Proportional Relationships

An educational teaching resource from Sheltered Language Resources entitled Quiz-Quiz-Trade Game: Proportional Relationships downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 8, 9





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About This Product


Quiz-Quiz-Trade Game: Proportional Relationships Teaching Resource

This innovative teaching resource is designed for Grade 8 and 9 students studying Math, specifically Algebra. The resource combines key educational content with sheltered language strategies to bolster academic vocabulary.

  • An effective learning strategy proven through research, particularly for English Language Learner (ELL) students.
  • Vocabulary enhancement combined with interactive student participation.

In this game, each student completes a sentence and provides an answer to interact intimately with academic language along with focusing on comprehension of course material. They are tasked to ascertain whether a graph or equation showcases a proportional relationship - a fundamental skill within algebraic studies.

Pack Content:

  • Includes 36 ready-to-use QQT cards without any background applied (3 cards per page extending over 12 pages).
  • Note: It can be effortlessly adapted for larger classes by simply printing additional cards.

The Quiz-Quiz-Trade Gameplay:

A simple process that begins post card printing and preparing as per specific instructions provided in the pack. Each student will attach themselves with one card from the pool and will pair up with another student following rules included within the guidebook.

In-game provisions:
  • The ability for kind exchanges such as affirmative responses or helpful suggestions if a peer struggles during gameplay ensuring formation strengthened interpersonal skills alongside academic gains.
Educational Benefits beyond Gameplay:
Implementation aids in creating cohesive thinking patterns among learners paving way towards more structured thought processes overall.

Handy teacher tips are incorporated which not only enhance classroom experience but encourages spontaneous problem-solving skills development through friendly competitive mechanisms training them through real-life scenarios.


The Quiz-Quiz-Trade Game: Proportional Relationships resource comes in a PDF format, an easy-to-manage digital format compatible with various devices. A fantastic tool to add variety and dynamism to algebra classes, injecting fun into the world of proportional relationships


What's Included

1 PDF file.

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