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Rainbow Leopard Classroom Labels

Rainbow Leopard Classroom Labels
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About This Product

Rainbow Leopard Classroom Labels

Organize your classroom with these ready made labels! I've included a bonus editable file for you to add your very own! Create an organized and visually stimulating learning environment that sparks joy and fosters a sense of ownership with our Rainbow Leopard Classroom Labels. Teachers and students alike will appreciate the benefits of a well-structured classroom, where materials are easily accessible and every item has its designated place.

Rainbow Leopard Classroom Labels are versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes. From labeling classroom supplies, books, and storage bins to identifying different subject areas and activity stations, these labels provide a visually appealing and consistent system that promotes efficiency and tidiness.


✅large labels

✅small labels

Large labels print 10 per page.

Small labels print 40 per page.

Ready made labels for:








✅Pocket Chart







✅Teacher Desk


✅Lunch Box















✅Broken Pencils

✅Sharpened Pencils





✅Art Supplies

✅Dry Erase

✅Birthday Gifts


✅Lunch Count





✅Social Studies


✅Report Cards

✅Teacher Docs

✅Student Info

✅Parent Info

✅Sub Info

The editable file is in PPT (PowerPoint) format you can easily add your own text to create new labels. All graphics are locked to protect copyright.

Easy to use, simply print and stick!


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