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Read, Write and Play - Chloe and the Hedgehogs

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Read, Write and Play - Chloe and the Hedgehogs

The Read, Write and Play - Chloe and the Hedgehogs resource offers an exciting learning adventure for children ages 3-7. Through a captivating story, students are encouraged to strengthen their language arts skills by recalling key details, answering questions about the story, coloring illustrations, and creating puppets.

This 20-page PDF journey with Chloe and her hedgehog friends is ideal for kindergarten to grade 2 students. It's an excellent resource for whole group activities but can be adapted easily for small group or individual learning times.

For Age Group: 3-5
  1. Enjoy adults reading the story of Chloe and the Hedgehogs.
  2. Take part in hands-on coloring activities related to scenes from the tale.
  3. Create a puppet that represents a character from the story.
  4. Formulate sentences by tracing or copying over given letters.
For Age Group: 5-7
  1. Increase their reading comprehension abilities through independently reading aloud chapter-wise content & completing accompanying activity sheets as homework tasks besides classroom sessions.
  2. Become skilled at discerning details through inferential roles & recall of plot/character elements responding in full sentences thereby .
  3. Hone phonics skills as per curriculum norms laid down.

An all-in-one fun-filled package (part of Read Write Play series), it provides kids exposure to different aspects educative yet engagingly embedded within this unassuming lightweight text requiring minimal parental guide while offering maximum child-parent interaction/bonding opportunities!

What's Included

20 pages

Resource Tags

storytelling reading comprehension language arts coloring activities puppet making

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