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Reading with Gordon Korman (Author Study) Gr. 3-6

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Reading with Gordon Korman (Author Study) Gr. 3-6 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 3, 4



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About This Product

Reading with Gordon Korman (Author Study) Gr. 3-6

Targeted explicitly for 3rd through 6th grade students, "Reading with Gordon Korman" is an authoritative teaching resource meticulously crafted to improve students' comprehension skills and engage them in an exciting new approach to reading. This product embodies a selection of five fascinating titles, each constructed using a high interest—low vocabulary format that speaks directly to reluctant readers, thus providing the perfect source material for engaging their minds and maintaining their motivation towards reading.

Featured Titles:

  • This Can't Be Happening at Macdonald Hall
  • Go Jump in the Pool
  • Beware the Fish!
  • Macdonald Hall Goes Hollywood
  • Why Did the Underwear Cross the Road.

Each title is designed comprehensively through a series of multiple-choice queries as well as distinct questions that prompt learners to understand why they're reading, thereby fostering better comprehension. These books aren't just tools for independent knowledge acquisition but also dynamic resources suitable for both small group discussions and whole group class activities. Teachers can assign novels according to different learning strategies catering effectively to varying student groups' needs within their classroom spectrum.

Suitably matched with Language Arts curriculum-based Literature studies reflecting grades 3-4 alignment criteria, this Author Study leans heavily into versatility offering chapters questions, activity suggestions, story summaries along with answer keys—all perfectly blended together for educators planning comprehensive lessons artistically built around these gripping reads.

Digital Adaptability:

Available in PDF format encapsulated within one singular product file highlights its unabated digital adaptability meeting contemporary digital teaching techniques' requirements suiting public school teachers and homeschoolers alike.

With "Reading With Gordon Korman" educators have possession of an experiential tool crafted not only ignite young minds but also foster a lifelong love of literature among students providing them essential comprehension skills instrumental towards profound language art understanding.

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